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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Another *expert* medical witness is called to account - for the second time.

1. on Cot deaths.
This time, Prof. David Southall, a well respected paediatrician is lucky not to be struck off by GMC.
He falsely accused Sally Clark's husband of murdering their two young children.
Unbelieveably, he came to this conclusion after seeing David Clark being interviewed on TV !
you can read the latest story here...

2. on alleged Child abuse.
He is also infamous for secretly videoing parents in hospital in alleged "child abuse" cases in 1990's.
Again, many of these allegations turned out to be entirely false and very distressing to parents.
you can read an example here...

It's the same over hear in the USA, it's completely out of control. It brings back memories of the child sexual abuse cases from years back. Schools and other institutions accused of terrible abuse of little children. It now turns out to have been a case of hysteria! Therapists pre-suggesting scenarios that were repeated by the children, the use of dolls to play out sexual/perverted scenes that never took place, and on it goes.....Alan.
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