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Monday, July 31, 2006

There comes a time...

Quote to Self:
"If we wait for the moment when everything,
absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin."
- Ivan Turgenev

Monday, July 17, 2006

Gun cops may need more Health and Safety training. ...whoops!

Here is an official announcement regarding the unfortunate shooting of  Mr. Jean Charles de Menezes - in Orwell's 1984speak.

Today the CPS announced it had reach its conclusion over the IPCC report issued to them in January this year.
Earlier this month, lawyers at the CPS reached a decision, approved by the DPP, that Police officers who shot Mr. Jean Charles de Menezes 7 times in the head at close range were not to be prosecuted over Mr. de Menezes' death.
But the Met Police will be charged with breaching health and safety laws.

So, armed police were called in to despatch (kill) a man their police colleagues had followed from his house, through the streets, onto a bus, off the bus, into a tube station, down the escalators, onto an underground train; and then fatally shot him 7 times in the head at very close range. 

The summary execution last year was followed by an official decision today by the Crown Prosecution Service (and approved by the Director of Public Prosecutions) that   "...there is insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction against any individual police officer    But...there is sufficient evidence to prosecute the Office of Commissioner of Police for an offence under sections 3 and 33 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 of failing to provide for the health, safety and welfare of Jean Charles de Menezes on 22 July 2005."

 So, that's all right then. 
Mr. Menezes was deliberately killed, but this was an unfortunate breach of health and safety regulations.
Of course, I don't blame the police officers concerned; they were only following orders. 
I know, he could have been a terrorist; but he wasn't.
But, do take care out there folks, accidents happen.

Remember, in George Orwell's 1984....
Ministry of Truth (re-writes the news, history, education, etc)
Ministry of Peace (in charge of War)
Ministry of Plenty (economic affairs, production of goods, etc)
Ministry of Love (in charge of Law and Order)


Does this ring any bells in the year 2006?

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

So much for Data Protection, then.

It appears the DVLA made nearly £6.5 million last year by selling driver's addresses for £2.50  each.
That's about 2.5 million people whose personal contact data was sold to commercial organisations without the knowledge or permisson of the citizens (?) involved.

It appears that anyone with a "valid" reason can request personal contact details by quoting a vehicle numberplate.  So far, more than 160 UK companies from clampers to credit agencies have been authorised for multiple applications for personal data. 
Apparently the DVLA do not check the requester's credentials; they happily sell data for dosh!    At least one clamping company, whose two directors  were actually serving prison sentences for fraud ,were still able to collect personal contact data. 
That's it then, game over.  We citizens are just cash cows to our Govt.

No doubt we can expect much the same from the ID card scheme when it is up and running.
So then we are both mugs and cash cows since we have to pay for the "privilege" of a compulsory ID registration scheme - and then expect our personal data to be sold to any Tom Associates, Dick Brothers or Harry Ltd companies who request our personal data.

Although, on current reporting, the ID card scheme has just hit the buffers, since politicians cannot agree on a detailed specification on which tender documents can be drawn up.
Expect Tony Blair to order compulsory tattooing from 2008 instead.
Me jaundiced ?  Nooooooo.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd is no more

The sad news of the death of Syd Barrett (aged 60) was announced today.
 Hugely influential member and songwriter of the original Pink Floyd line-up in 1965.
He was deposed by the arrival of Dave Gilmour in 1968 when Syd was no longer capable of performing onstage.

Syd was acknowledged as the creative force in Pink Floyd's early hits. 
Sadly, too many hallucinagenic drugs and a fragile psyche proved too much and Syd suffered a mental breakdown.
Dave Gilmour replaced Syd Barret on tour and the plan was for Syd to carry on songwriting and recording for the group.
When that plan failed to work, Syd withdrew from any active role for some years; becoming a recluse for some 20 years.

Syd Barrett was an influential musician and songwriter for a number of bands in the '60's.
His original contribution to R&B and psychedelic music development in the '60's  will surely be remembered.
Syd Barrett 1946 - 2006.  R.I.P.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

7/7. R.I.P.

For all those Lost Souls.
May you Rest In Peace on this sad day of Remembrance.

We will mourn you through all our tomorrows.
Until Peace begins within us.

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