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Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm so rubbish at continuity posting.
First a hot weather hiatus, although that's not really the cause of my cerebral drought....... then two three posts in last few days .

But, on Monday we are off to Guernsey for some R and R.
So, posting next week will depend on :
*whither I can find a T'internet connection, and
*whether I have anything useful to say.....

Otherwise, enjoy yourselves, stay healthy - and look left (AND right) before crossing those busy roads.
Hopefully, I'll be back here the following week.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Mo Mowlem. R.I.P.
First Robin Cook, now Mo Mowlem has gone too. Mo was a moral giant amongst her political peers; in the sense that people and principles mattered more than the party line and poodle politics.
Dr. Mowlem carried out a difficult task as Northern Ireland Secretary, using humour and empathy to make progress on the Good Friday Agreement against obdurate and entrenched partisan views. Arguably, we would not be where we are today with the IRA and Sinn Fein trying to lay old ghosts to rest in the name of Peace and Unity in Ireland, but for Mo's personal charm, energy and commitment to the Peace process.

In my view, the Good Friday Agreement may well be Mo Mowlem's legacy in politics; which makes even more shameful the smears and spin against her by Labour's Central Office and No.10 Downing Street, when she was weakened by her ultimately fatal brain tumour.

Mo was a people's politician. She had courage, principles and humility - and deserved better from Tony Blair than when she was suddenly replaced as N. Ireland Sec. with Peter Mandelson - (probably to settle an old score) or because she was more popular than Princess Tony. She was treated badly.

I hope Tony Blair does not trumpet false eulogies at her funeral. She deserves better than that. Especially from a *rent-a-quote-here* and *drop-a-principle-there* Mr. Blair.
I reflect at this point on the old saying "what goes around - comes around".
Mo Mowlem passed away 19th. August 2005 aged 55yrs.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Tempus Fugit.
There's no beating about the bush, I've been a bad boy for not posting in a while.
Sorry. I'm rubbish at blogging when Real Life (TM) gets hectic.

This man, Mr. D has shamed me inspired me to start posting here again. The same Mr. D. also waxes lyrical on his blog about the other Mr. D. in the Blockheads; and reminds me what a great bloke Ian Dury was .....before he shuffled off his mortal coil, as he predicted in these Blockhead lyrics from "The Passing Show".

"....When life itself can chart the course
Then life's the product we endorse
When circumstances tell of death
We keep our counsel, save our breath

Our laughter rang around the world
When we were happy boys and girls
As now we baulk and hesitate
Encumbrance comes to those who wait

But when we're torn from mortal coil
We leave behind a counterfoil
It's what we did and who we knew
And that's what makes this story true."

Then the other Mr. D (Dury) quietly shuffled off his mortal coil on 27th. March 2000.
Doesn't seem five years ago. How time flies.
To quote another of his own song titles..."What A Waste".

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm back.
It's been a long month away. Although at least I am able to return here, unlike the poor souls I last blogged about.
I have kept up with reading other blogs, but I just didn't feel able to add anything worthwhile here for a while.......

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