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Monday, April 04, 2005

BBC admits they lied about the Dr Who actor quitting...

It's only a small thing, but big corporations (aka bosses with big egos and no moral scruples) increasingly show little respect for their staff.
Nor even for us, the viewers, who pay for the BBC through licence fee income.

So, the BBC, whose success is built on its players, not its managers, has spun another glossy web of deceit by the Untruth spider.

The BBC has admitted it failed to speak to actor Christopher Eccleston before revealing he was going to quit Dr Who after the first series.
"Contrary to press statements, Christopher did not leave for fear of being typecast or because of the gruelling filming schedule," said Ms Tranter.

Jane Tranter, BBC head of drama commissioning, should be ashamed, for herself and for the BBC.

Click this and you can read the rest here...

The truth will out
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