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Friday, April 15, 2005

I saw a crow in the road today...

I knew it was a crow because of the mnemonic someone taught me.
"If you see a crow in a crowd - it's a rook"
and "If you see a rook on it's own - it's a crow"

So it was a crow; standing in the middle of my lane on a fairly busy road, picking at road-kill.
As I slowed down, the crow waited till the last moment and hopped to the kerb, then hopped back and continued its meal after I passed by.

I looked again in my rear mirror at the white van driver some distance behind me and wondered how crows react to fast white vans ?

The Crow is the most intelligent of birds. He lives in just about every piece of land on earth and there's a great body of folk law about crows, of course. No carrion will kill a crow. The crow is the indestructible bird who suffers everything, suffers nothing...

Crow is the bird of Bran, is the oldest and highest totem creature of Britain ... England pretends to a lion - but that is a late fake import. England's
autochthonous Totem is the Crow. Whatever the colour of Englishman you scratch
you come to some sort of crow.

I thought that post was quite nicely written. (But then the guff about the bird of bran went a bit too far.)
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