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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

If you go down to the school gates today...
....do not worry if you see dogs like labradors or spaniels lurking about.
It's only an experiment in a few schools at this time.
Of course, if you think your child might be experimenting with drugs and you see strange dogs at the gate; be afraid.

It works like this. friendly looking labradors are being deployed at the school gates.
They clock the kids, passively, do the doggy drug sniff thing, then warn their colleagues if they detect the presence of illegal substances.

Meanwhile, covertly, the SAS (I was going to say crack team, but perhaps not) spaniels are checking out classrooms and other buildings for signs of any stashed drugs.
I'm not sure if Jamie Oliver's "scrotum burgers" are on their "banned" list. (scroll down to earlier post)
You can read more here...

What will they think of next ?

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