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Monday, April 18, 2005

Result. It seems we've got a brand new car today.
Yup, a brand new little Ford. Just registered and taxed.
Well, that's what the V5 Registration Cert (Log book) that arrived in the post informs me.

Unfortunately, DVLA have possibly screwed up. Our name is not the one that appears on the V5 Cert. It's another name, but registered to our address.

Obviously a mistake, so I phone the DVLA. ...umpteen presses of phone keys to navigate through automated menu options system.....
Oops, chose the wrong option and got a recorded message that did not resolve my enquiry.
Go through the whole umpteen key presses again, ....then I get another recorded message saying "...if you have received a V5 Cert with errors on it, highlight the errors and return document to DVLA and we will correct the information".

1. We do not appear to own a brand new Ford Ka.
2. It seems the DVLA must make lots of mistakes if they actually have a menu option and recorded voice message to deal with V5 errors.
3. Does a real person ever actually answer the phones at DVLA ?

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