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Sunday, April 24, 2005

This is not about party politics

One of the few things I decided not to post about on this blog is politics.
The other self imposed blogging (SIB) ban is on religion. Both of these topics bring out the best and worst in people because of their necessarily partisan views.

............However, I have noticed how this year's hustings has been primarily fought out via media coverage, with very few local posters or stickers from each of the National parties proclaiming their candidate for election. In contrast, most other countries hang bunting, flypost stickers and generally create multi-coloured mayhem on the streets for a few weeks.

P.S. The above SIB ban is also why I had decided not to mention St. Georges Day on Sat. 23rd. April. ;-)

Hey, no politics, religion "and" a (SIB), what else is there but the price of beer and Wired: www.wired.com/wired. Here in the states multi-colored mayhem is eclipsed by multi-part mushy content! Although the way the press has attacked the New Pope one would think that it is politics, not religion. . . . . . Well, at least you have bandwidth left for real content.
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