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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Boy or Girl ? I can't remember...

As a bloke, I'm constantly amazed at how a small feotus in early pregnancy can so disrupt the normal hormonal balance in the mother, that she will develop a dislike to tea or coffee, etc, during pregnancy.
Sudden or bizarre food cravings are more anecdotal examples of this phenomenom.

Another example is how the maternal brain becomes so internally absorbed in nurturing and protecting the developing baby, that external events, such as work related facts and figures, become difficult to remember or not important enough to recall.
Now, it seems scientists have surprisingly discovered that cognitive skills can be strongly correlated to the sex of the unborn child.

Research indicates: "More forgetful" tends to predict a girl. "Less forgetful" indicates a boy child.
So far, it's only a small trial, but nevertheless, these unexpected results are due for further study.
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