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Friday, May 20, 2005

Feedback is good and moves the topic along.
Alan commented on my post yesterday about Ronnie Wood and gave me a link to some of Ronnie Wood's artwork and a charity he supported for their work with children caught up in war and conflict.
you can see some of Ronnie's artwork online here...

Also, more here about his support for the charity "War Child"
In checking this link I was appalled to read these statistics.
60 million people have been killed in wars during the 20th. Century.
- of which more than 80% were civilians, mostly women and children.

In last 10 years alone, more than 1.5 million children were killed as direct casualties of war,
- plus 4 million children wounded
- and 10 million children traumatised by war.

As you read this piece, more than 30 wars and conflicts are still being fought.. Yet, here we are in 2005 and millions of people are pro-active about anti-war campaigns and committed to seeking PEACE.
What more can we do? Any ideas?

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