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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

George Galloway MP puts Senators on defensive over more Iraq "dodgy" documents.

Think what you will about the firebrand British MP, you cannot accuse him of being a weak timorous speaker. His ire was raised by being publicly charged (traduced)in US Senate documents about illegal oil dealings; without being asked a single comment or given the opportunity to make any defence before these documents were published in the public domain.
Not surprisingly, He flew over to Washington in combative mood and thundered his impassioned oratory/speech at the hapless Senator Norm Coleman and powerfully rebutted all their accusations, batted away their questions and managed to include a public lecture of disgraceful behaviour over the Iraq war at the same time.
Like British politicians, many Senators are lawyers first, and politicians second. How can they subvert the normal mechanisms of due legal process, for cheap short-term political gain.
You can read the BBC news report here....
Or for American readers, you can read Herald Tribune report here...

Never mind the merits of this particular case against George Galloway, the disturbing thing to me is how powerful Committees, whether in UK, USA or whereaver; are able to blame or incriminate peope by name, without first giving them the right to defend or reject claims made about them.
More and more, this political "spinning" which became endemic in Britain's last Labour Govt, under Tony Blair, seeks to subvert truth and justice in the name of politics.
Oh, I remember now; being in politics is a "career". Dog eat dog. Justice, Law, Truth, et al, was their previous lives.

The nightly news, over here in America, was awash with sound bites from Mr. Galloway’s “punch them out and knock them down” response to accusations regarding the Food for Oil Program. The various pundits and commentators appeared to be rubbing their hands in glee that “anyone” would spit fire in the faces of the Senators! Yes, very unusual behavior, but hey, a change is as good as a rest. I think there needs to be more people with the strength of character to “say it like it is.” I say, push back because it will not be long before you brits will be asked to produce your ID cards/chips to enter the bank, take a trip, or just look like you need to be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!
We already have to produce our passport + utility bill as proof of ID and address to open a bank account, transfer money from one source to another. Even when getting a lawyer or accountant, they demand same proof of ID to comply with Govt. rules to prevent money laundering.
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