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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

God knows ! Or does he ?
In yesterday's newspapers, we had this.
Three sisters have given birth aged 12, 14 and 16.
Their Mother blames schools for not teaching sex education properly.
So the natural inclination is to ponder why the mother feels it's not her fault, but the Government's for not adequately teaching young girls about sex education.
Her accusation might just be relevant in the older girl's case. However, whose fault was it that both younger children made exactly the same "mistake" as their elder sister ?
Meanwhile, the State is paying this family a combined £31,000 per year in State benefits for the next (say) 16+ years.
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And then what ? Does the cycle repeat itself ?
One can feel outrage at the cost to society. Or, the waste of young lives, Or even the folly of adults with a parenting style that apparently allows a 12 yr. old daughter to conduct a sexual relationship in their own home.
A deeper question, is why a 12 or 13 year old seeks affection and love in a sexual form at such a young age.
Or, is this just the new career move ?

Meanwhile, God must be playing a really deep game.
In todays news, another family.
Another 13 year old mother called Beckie. See how already she becomes more than a statistic.
Only this time, Beckie is diagnosed with bone cancer at 14 and is dead at 16 !
Beckie's biggest regret in life was that her daughter would grow up never knowing who she was. She said she was not scared of dying but of leaving people behind, like her daughter. It was this which drove her to make a legacy video for Courtney.
She started filming using the family's video camera,
Where is my moral stance now ?
It's just such a sad story.......

When Beckie was too ill to continue filming her video diary, her sister Vicky took over.
Filmed sitting on a beach in Bridlington one evening with her camera, Vicky asks: "If there is a God up there, if you are up there, just please help us. You always seem to take the good people away and leave the bad people here. There's all these rapists and murderers about. There's no justice."

For once, I'm speechless.
You can read more here, OR, watch BBC1 tonight at 10:35pm.
Beckie died in late September 2004,
We'll know more about baby Courtney after watching tonights BBC1 TV programme.

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