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Friday, May 13, 2005

Happy Slapping ?
Does it really exist, is the question posed in a paper?
Well, this link says it does...

This sick craze is where sick Feral Yobs teenagers set out to slap an unsuspecting victim around the head or face, whilst another member of the posse or crew captures the incident on mobile phone camera. This video clip is then shared around T'internet for the sick amusement of friends and peers !!!
Here's another link...

On TV last night we saw a documentary on these "happy slapping" stunts where people can really get hurt. From burst eardrums, to in one case, two 16yr. old kids set alight a chap who had fallen asleep by a wall. These Happy Slappers set his jacket alight, then kicked him, all the while filming the "stunt" on a camera phone. Said chap was terribly burned and extensively scarred on chest and neck. He will be in pain for the rest of his days.
The answer ? Oh, Yes, it certainly exists in UK and should be banned immediately.
Does "happy slapping" exist elsewhere in the world, or just us lucky Brits ?

If it’s out there someone is going to make some money with it!

Happy Slap - Happy Slapping Videos available
You are right there, Alan.
Still sick though.
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