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Monday, May 16, 2005

A little red car...
We went to
John Lewis
to look at baby things this week-end.
En route to our intended purchase, I saw a cute little red plastic car.
About as big as a plastic potty. Hang on, it is a potty.
You lift off the roof of the car and it becomes a convertable............. car potty !
How cool is that ? Well, not very cool, it seems to me.

Picture the scene. You get little toddler to associate the little red car potty with usual potty functions.
"Come on, little person, wee etc..." as you toilet train them to use the little red car potty.
Brilliant ! Jobby well done, so to speak.

Then, when you take your well-trained little toddler out in the car, shopping, or to see your friends.......
That's right. you have to train him/her to stop peeing, or worse, in the real car
How confusing is that to your little person ?

Imagine the confusion for the poor kid (assuming its a boy) if their parents use the famed ping-pong ball method (also known as the cheerio method) for strategic aiming purposes.

Going to make for some messy table-tennis games in the future.
Er, we don't know the ping pong ball method over here in UK.
Wanna share it ? ;)
Same as the cheerio method. You throw a ping pong ball into the loo and tell the little lad to hit it. Allegedly it teaches good aim. I've cleaned many a bathroom in my life and I can attest to one simple fact: Either it doesn't work, or there's an entire generation of men who weren't given ping-pong lessons lol
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