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Monday, May 09, 2005

On a completely different topic. The word is "Discombobulated".
...I was moved (like you do) to comment on Pix's pixelated website that I loved the word "discombobulate" which she used in her post yesterday. I said I must try and work it into my blog next week.

Today's Word: dis•com•bob•u•late. Discombobulate (Verb). Brits say [dis-com-bob-u-late].
U.S. Pronunciation= [dis-kêm-'bah-byê-leyt]. See also, Discombobulation (Noun).
Definition 1: (Humorous slang) Perplex, befuddle, confuse, throw in disarray.

Well, already I am discombobulated (Adjective), and it's only Monday.
Today. Pix was discoursing on the trials and tribulations of being invited to see Derren Brown, live at Reading. This is the man who can not only make you choose certain words, numbers or cards; but then tell you in advance what he implanted in your mind to choose!
"Yeah, I know, (says Vicky Pollard) it's only magic."

Here's the thing. I was only commenting on another blog yesterday, about the very same Derren Brown and last Friday's TV show; where he appeared to stage a very dodgy "mind control" stunt. This involved filming a young bloke going into a pub, playing a video arcade game and then falling into a semi-catatonic trance state. At which point, jaunty Derren pops out of a magic cupboard, wheels young bloke off on a (ready to hand, yeah, right) hospital trolley and transports sleeping victim up the street and round the corner into another building which had been mocked up to look exactly like the video arcade game. So, poor victim is then zapped awake and he is then a player in a real life "shoot em up" kill the walking zombies stunt.
There's lots more.... But I won't go on as you may be too terrified to read more, or fall into a catatonic trance-like state and never read my blog again.
Now that would be scary magic. ;-)

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