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Friday, May 20, 2005

Pete Doherty (Docherty ?) - ex of the Libertines.

Watched a quick clip of Ronnie Woods gigging on Ch.4 tonight. Looking very crinkly now, but still plays a mean guitar. He didn't really shine on this set with the Charlatans though. Ronny was playing slide guitar, so couldn't hear any of his trademark showy licks and finger frettin' godliness. Amazing that he has cleaned up his act in recent years and still playing gigs at all.

Also saw Pete Doherty with the Babyshambles. Very sad to see this erstwhile fine songwriter and poet, reduced to mumbled replies instead of fluent responses to camera. I really hope he can clean his act up and fulfil his potential for so much more than being a recovering heroin/cocaine abuser.
He was a published poet at just 16 yrs old, and capable of touching lyrics in songs like "For Lovers" and other tracks. He deserves more, I hope he can sort himself out in time to grow into his lyrical talent.
Whom would you feel has yet to achieve their artistic or musical promise ?

did you watch the recent documentry - It made me cry - quite tragic

It’s interesting that Ronnie Woods has also had some success as an artist,
Link. > http://www.gallery-319.com/wood.html> I wonder about his interest in supporting “War Child” by using his artistic talents, look at this list of other supporters, > http://www.warchild.org/artists/artists> but after seeing this quote, “The doctors said that if I give up smoking now I can nip it in the bud -- I still have powerful lungs. But they say if I smoke for another year, I could get emphysema and -- boom -- my lungs could collapse," to the Sunday Mirror. I guess there is more depth to his biography than I normally assume when reading about some of the mega stars!
Andre: I saw only part of it, but enough to register the tragic waste of his sober mind. It was what prompted me to post about him yesterday. Thanks for posting.

Alan: Thanks for the links. Ronnie clearly is a serious artist as well as fine guitarist.
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