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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Useful Swahili phrases.
It seems an age ago when I learned Swahili. Well, KiSwahili to be precise.
just for you, here are some useful phrases when travelling to East Africa.

Welcome = Karibu
Goodbye = Kwaheri
Thank you = Asante
You’re welcome = Karibu
Yes = Ndiyo
No = Hapana
How are you? = Habari?
I’m fine, thanks? = Nzuri

Obviously not a lot of call for Swahili in the UK.
Although, I once taught these phrases to our team on one of those silly management seminar team building jollies.
I also got our team to sing "One Man went to mow" in Swahili, which won us the round.

What do you mean ? What else was there to blog about on a quiet weekend ?

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