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Thursday, June 02, 2005

"Is this God's Eye ?"

(pic sourced from NASA web-site.)

Isn't this image just fantastic ?
I've been searching for the original, after hearing about it on the t'internet webbie thing.
It's a composite pic of the Helix Nebula taken by the 0.9 metre Telescope at Kitt Peak Nat. Observatory and the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope.
Someone named this pic "Gods Eye". Whilst not the official Nasa description, it does have a certain iconic ring to it.
Anyway, it's both a scientific reality and a brilliant image. If it is God's Eye, then he must be temporarily staying in a celestial hideaway some 650-700 light years away from Earth in the direction of the constellation of Aquarius. Unless you know different.
So, if there is a God, where does He live ?
Click here to read more about The Helix Nebula on the NASA web-site.

That's a very impressive photo.

Surprised it hasn't been on the new Dr Who yet?
Thanks for dropping by.
Billie Piper's easy on the eye too.
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