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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Not blogging - due throbbing ....
Not been able to blog all week due worsening of left shoulder pain.
This was the booby prize received when go kart racing some time ago and tore a shoulder tendon which refuses to heal. The pain has eased off with heavy painkillers for now, but movement still difficult. Still waiting for 2nd. shoulder op to repair the supraspinatus tendon, which our NHS service has given me a "definite maybe" date sometime in Sept. Hopefully, this year, please.

In other news, I posted previously about Swahili. Now I've got an e-mail from "Isobel" asking me to translate "One Man went to Mow" into Swahili and email it to her. Like me, she learned this childrens rhyme in East Africa, but has forgotten the words.
So, Isobel, gird your loins to receive a Swahili version of "One Man went to mow, went to mow a meadow - or rather...
"Mtu Moja kwenda, kwenda kwa lima Shamba..., etc, which is presently being typed up in all its 10 verses glory for your amusement.

did you get around to writing up the 10 verses? I heard it on the bbc about 15-20 years ago but would love to see it written down. I'd appreciate it if you could forward it.

Andy M
I can help with the first verse, but can't remeber the rest - I too would love to hear them again!

Mtu moja kwenda
Kwenda malima shamba
Mtu moja na umbwa yake
Kwenda malima shamba.
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