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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A simple rant about Jonathon Ross. O.B.E. on ugliness and disability.
Now, Wossy is a very accomplished Radio and TV presenter (since 1987 apparently) and has his own chat show as well.
He is amusing, witty, informed, a cool kid on music trends, geeky on films and comics.
Originally a punk, now uber smartly dressed in designer suits and trademark long floppy hair-style.
Married to Jane and proud father of his privately educated children.
In short, a typical successful and rich man; where all appears wonderful in his world.
He has won many TV/Radio/Showbiz awards. So, why am I troubled by his OBE award ?

Firstly, his career achievements seem a bit lightweight to justify an OBE. Except, these Honours are now issued by decree recommendation of Tony Blair, who seems to go out of his way to use these Honours lists to reward his cronies and demonstrate his *street cred* with populist figures. Especially if it might influence younger voters that President Prime Minister Blair has his finger on the pulse of what's cool and happening in the lives of young people in Britain today.
Secondly, Wossy, is a bit of a foul mouthed, sex obsessed bloke at times. Who, since he regularly rants against Queen and Royal family, I find it a bit of a turn-around that he now accepts an OBE from the Queen.
Thirdly, he is a vain, shallow creature, whose world is so perfect (lucky him) that he regularly (like most weeks on his show) makes disparaging, crude or even cruel comments about ugly, disabled or mentally handicapped people getting in the way of able bodied people or cluttering up his perfect world view.
He does seem oblivious of the fact that some people do not cope as well as he does; probably because they don't have his health, wealth and family support.

I think JR is so obsessed, with good looks and smart clothes, witness his often harsh comments about the *ugly* looks or clothes of his guests or other *stars*; that he has long forgotten to count his blessings for a healthy family who are not ugly, disfigured or disabled.
I would like JR to take time out to visit a few children' wards in hospital to be more thankful for the health and wellbeing of his children.
I would like JR to visit a few residential homes for disabled or special needs adults to appreciate that many *ordinary* people are desperately trying to cope with life and adversity as best they can.
Who knows, he might even meet a few people whose souls shine like a beacon through their physical imperfections.

I think it was Roisseau, who said "...most ordinary people are leading lives of quiet desperation".
Enlightment, Jonathon is what I hope for you. A little humility and respect for other people not born with your good looks and charm.
Then you would be more worthy of an O.B.E. in my eyes.

Balanced rant!

Unusual in Blogworld...
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