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Friday, July 08, 2005

Further Update. 20.00 hrs. GMT. Friday.
Now 50+ killed ....and still more bodies to recover from Tube site.
80 people seriously injured still in hospital.

Latest Update: 37 people killed and 700 injured.
This is such a tragic waste of life.
What kind of Religious Mullah or Cleric can preach that killing innocent people is God's will?
Whose God condones such wicked actions in his name? Not mine.
R.I.P. to all those innocent souls who lost their lives today.

Whose God condones such wicked actions in his name? Not mine either.

NOTHING is accomplished by butchering innocents, who were simply on their way to work to provide for their families.

We need to work together to bring these bastards to justice.
I'm with nasser on that.
To all Brits,

My prayers go out to all those who are now suffering the loss of loved ones from the London murders.

I am very impressed with the amazing show of strength and dignity that Londoners exuded even in the face of something so horrible. I must say that I have a new respect for your very civil ways.

p.s. those fuckers who did this must die. They are not human. A human being can not commit these kinds of acts.

Where you at, matey?
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