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Thursday, July 07, 2005

London's Bomb Blast will not destroy the spirit of Londoners - and may help the G8 Summit to achieve more cohesive outcomes.

Today is is a sad day for London, a tragic day for those injured commuters (and their families) and the worst day for the families of those who lost their lives so randomly and indiscriminately at the hands of nameless terrorists today.

But these terrorists will not win in the end.
Our Western democracy is rooted in better and fairer principles.
Random terror attacks will not destroy the will of free people to uphold free speech and the right to live in peace and dignity alongside our neighbours.
If anything, the G8 summit Leaders will be drawn together against terrorism, simply because they are all uniquely in the same place to feel the outrage when terrorists randomly killed and injured innocent people in London today.

Meanwhile, those who peacefully protest at this G8 Summit for Fair Trade, reduced Dept and freedom from poverty and tyranny in the rest of the world have a powerful example today of the need for positive outcomes from the G8 summit.

Ironically, the terrorist bombers today may have quelled the more violent street thugs heading for Gleneagles, who are not real G8 protesters, but use occasions like this to create anarchy and street violence against the Police in the guise of lawful protesters. Violent protest is more about anarchy and civil disruption than the clearly stated aims of the peaceful Live8 protesters.

Ultimately, the carnage in London today may cause the G8 Leaders to show more solidarity in fighting Al Qaeda terrorism, as well as making real progress towards some of the stated aims of the Live8 campaign to reduce poverty and tyranny in Africa.

Luke I hate this day for your countrymen. I pray for you and all in England. I hope that this will strengthen the G8 to give more to others who are less fortunate. Your right. The terrorist will not win. They will only fuel our love for country and freedom. An empathetic American that lost much but gained hope on 9/11.
Luke, Americans are dismayed at what happened today. We are praying for you and all in the United Kingdom. You are right. The terrorist will not win. They only fuel our fire to do good for others. Each terrorist act fosters love of country and freedom.
An empathetic American who has lost much but gained hope on 9/11.
Thanks for your thoughts, Guys.
Latest Update: 37 people killed and 700 injured.
This is such a tragic waste of life.

What kind of Religious Mullah or Cleric can preach that killing innocent people is God's will?

Whose God condones such wicked actions in his name?

Not mine.
R.I.P. to those who lost their lives today.
Our prayers are with you! America weeps for London's lost. Stand strong and free!
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