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Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm so rubbish at continuity posting.
First a hot weather hiatus, although that's not really the cause of my cerebral drought....... then two three posts in last few days .

But, on Monday we are off to Guernsey for some R and R.
So, posting next week will depend on :
*whither I can find a T'internet connection, and
*whether I have anything useful to say.....

Otherwise, enjoy yourselves, stay healthy - and look left (AND right) before crossing those busy roads.
Hopefully, I'll be back here the following week.

The Guernsey police must have impounded someone's passport, n'est-ce pas?
erm........ NON.
Clearly I must try harder.
Although in my defence, I had an operation on Sept 1st. to repair a torn shoulder tendon which is now progressing well.

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Looks like you need to change the Comments Settings in Blogger, Luke.

"anonymous" gets very tedious...
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