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Friday, August 19, 2005

Tempus Fugit.
There's no beating about the bush, I've been a bad boy for not posting in a while.
Sorry. I'm rubbish at blogging when Real Life (TM) gets hectic.

This man, Mr. D has shamed me inspired me to start posting here again. The same Mr. D. also waxes lyrical on his blog about the other Mr. D. in the Blockheads; and reminds me what a great bloke Ian Dury was .....before he shuffled off his mortal coil, as he predicted in these Blockhead lyrics from "The Passing Show".

"....When life itself can chart the course
Then life's the product we endorse
When circumstances tell of death
We keep our counsel, save our breath

Our laughter rang around the world
When we were happy boys and girls
As now we baulk and hesitate
Encumbrance comes to those who wait

But when we're torn from mortal coil
We leave behind a counterfoil
It's what we did and who we knew
And that's what makes this story true."

Then the other Mr. D (Dury) quietly shuffled off his mortal coil on 27th. March 2000.
Doesn't seem five years ago. How time flies.
To quote another of his own song titles..."What A Waste".

Well fornicate with my ancient wellingtons, the boy's posted!

It was a great gig, Luke, with two tributes to Mo Mowlam (who apparently dug the Blockheads big time - you'd'a guessed, wouldn't you?) and many mentions of keeping Ian's 'raison d'etre' alive.

Allegedly, there's a dvd due out in September. Ensure its purchase!
Cheers, Mr. D.
Eyes will be peeled and wallet awaiting Sept release.
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