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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Does a Mocca coffee hit the spot ?

Here's a real-life tale of mystery, blogging and the vagaries of real life.

In the beginning, there was - a man, a plan, and a blog.
Things went OK at first, the blog evolved, stumbled a bit, was neglected for a while, but got out a bit more in 2005.
Then Real Life (TM) intervened last summer and the man went walk-about again.

Oh, the blog struggled to bring the man back to heel for a while, .....but to no avail.
The man was pre-occupied with other things.
Meanwhile the blog was determined to put an end to what he saw as a sulky silence.
Dumb Insolence on the part of this bloke, thought the blog.

So, this is why I'm sitting here in a Costa Coffee, somewhere in London.
Drinking this coffee. It's a bribe from the blog.
Or, "a cure for Bloggus Hiatus", says the blog.
We'll see..........

Posting at 5-monthly intervals, then, eh?

It could catch on...

Welcome back, anyway.

p.s. Do I take you off the "Missing inaction" roll or is that being too previuos?
Hello Mr.D.
Thanks for stopping by.
Like your new blog design BTW. Very pleasing on the eye.

I am definately back and surgery all sorted out at last.
Am thinking that a mix of written posts and photo posts might be within my grasp ;-)
Cheers for now
Thanks Luke.

btw, london mark's moved
Well, hello there! :)

I didn't even know you had a blog...
Hi Anx.
I keep *forgetting* I have a blog too. ;) Although I have now updated your url on my sidebar.
I must try harder to blog this year.
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