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Friday, January 27, 2006

Fish and ...um, lots of ingredients, please !

Fancied fish today and we got this haddock in sauce package.
Checked the ingredients.
What the ..... It contains fish and 34 ingredients!
Still, we got it anyway.

Microwaved and ready to go.
Tasted good as well.
Couldn't taste more than fish and ..hmmmm, pleasant but fairly neutral sauce. Would never have known it had 4 cheeses, let alone all the other stuff in it.

Haddock and 34 ingredients, please

Well, if you will insist on buying these ready meals... ;)

Seriously, though, if you want to be in control of what's going into your meal, cook it yourself. Fish especially is very quick and simple to cook.
A challenge, Luke?
Anx. You are right, but sometimes, a quick ready meal is all I have time for.
Mr.D. Like to oblige, but I don't do memes. Mine would probably be too boring.
i'm flipping starving bow!

*mmm, cheese*
told you i was getting drunk...
I wondered where you were commenting from, Pink.
Hope the sore head was worth it.
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