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Friday, February 10, 2006

A Girl witha... Dolphin.

Girl with a Dolphin 1

A little fun with the title. A blogger's reference to another girl.

So, I finally got some more pics up onto Flickr.
I like this sculpture ( A Girl with a Dolphin - by David Wynne ) for its flowing lines and sensual movement.
It's sited by Tower Bridge.
Who knows... the erstwhile Thames whale may even have sensed this dolphins magnetic aura as the whale passed London Bridge.

That's all, folks. Have a relaxing weekend.


i know that fountain... have thrown coins into it many many times.

crikey, i'm getting old... i mean drunk.
there were coppers in there when I took the photos. Coins, not bobbies. ;)
mores the pity! ;)
Welcome back to sober Monday.;)
Who chose Mondays to follow the weekend? Should ease us into Wednesday, then Monday.
>>>talking gibberish again.
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