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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is it time for Spring yet ?

Dandelion Clock.

Here's the thing, I'm cold. It's always cold and damp or wet.
Not to mention the overcast dark skies.
There seems no end to this cold depressing weather.
Although we are in the winter season, UK is nowhere near as cold as those countries in Europe's hinterland, so that's a good thing.
But, we are not living in those frozen territories.
This is London, not Siberia!

So, that's why I'm again sitting here in a warm Costa Coffee, somewhere in London.
Drinking this smooth mocha coffee and musing quietly to myself.

Hmmm....hibernation is not an option, but the idea has a lot of merit.
What do people mean by "Winter Warmers," I wonder ?
Is that a euphemism for close coupling ?
What about "Hug a stranger ?" For warmth, you understand.
Is that allowed these days ?

Nah. I'd rather move somewhere warm.
Except....... Having moved around a bit, I rather like living in England again.

I quite enjoy the cold, crisp weather. As long as it's sunny, I don't find it depressing.
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Funny, that's exactly what our next door neighbour said ;)
Didn't help me tho, cus it has mostly been overcast here.
blimey, Luke - regular posts!

Like it...!
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