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Friday, February 10, 2006

People power.

I will not dwell on the mis-use of draconian police powers (section 44, et al) which allows the police to stop and search any person on the grounds, not for reason to believe an offence HAS been committed; but the Orwellian belief that a crime may possibly be committed at some future unspecified date.
Nor, shall I dwell on the stopping and searching (under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act) of people trying to peacefully protest or exercise their "right" of free speech. Ha.

To lighten the mood....
Already, we are having the Data Protection Act invoked against us by Corporate or Local Authority suits, intent on hiding something from us.
Or, for corporate or public servants convenience, to avoid answering hard questions from their serfs consumers or customers.
To wit: Those Jobsworths who refuse to supply requested information on the grounds of "...sorry, can't do that, ...data protection act, sir."
BTW. Why do they have an uncanny act of pronouncing "sir" in a lip-curling dog-like "cur ?"

Anyway, today was a small victory.
A telephone call..... ring..ring....
"Hello" says Luke. That's me.
"Hello sir, SeeBoard here. Do you mind answering a few questions ?"
"Why?" asks Luke warily.
"We are contacting our customers for..... ...but first, can I ask your postcode?"
""Why?" asks Luke cautiously.
"It's for the Data Protection Act, sir," says SeeBoard Man helpfully.
"Well, I know who I am" says Luke gratuitously. "So its not for my protection." Followed up with "And you are phoning me, so you know who I am" and "So, what *exactly* are you phoning me for ?"
"OK, its regarding a promotion, sir" say Mr. SB man with a certain air of resignation.
"Aah, I thought so" says Luke. "Sorry, but I'm not interested in any sales promotions today. Thank you."
Collapse of stout party from SeeBoard.

"dog-like cur" - nice juxtaposition!
Oh, victory! We should all start using the data protection act as an excuse not to talk to strangers.
Thanks, Mr.D. and thanks to Karen for stopping by.
Good idea, too. ;)
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