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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

15 people killed in Bomb blasts in Varanasi (Benares) India.

How terrible. More terrorist attacks on innocent people.
In who's God was this atrocity committed ?
At least 15 people killed and many more injured today.
This time in the Holy City of Varanasi - in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh; which is a major pilgrimage centre in India. Three bombs were detonated, one at a major Hindu Temple - the Sankot Mochan temple - and two bombs at a local railway station.

How can any terrorist group justify such actions in the name of their God?

I know a few Indian programmers, at least one of whom comes from Uttar Pradesh , so they will be very apprehensive till they know their loved ones are safe.
Also a UK blogging friend is travelling in the area, so hope she is safe and well too.
...click here for more details.

Horrible, isn't it? I won't be there till 5th or so of April, touch wood. Thanks for the concern. :)
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