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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bloggles are GO...

The bloggles are back. You know, don't you. When bloggers get the wobbles.
That time when commenting on other blogs generates more inspiration than the blank pane (Windows, geddit) of an empty Notepad. Especially the taunting of that "Untitled - Notepad" which means you know it knows you can't title the file till you place some words in it to give meaning to the filename. Gah!
The Blogging Muse has bu33ered orf again.
Question: Is the word *Amuse* like the word *amoral* ?
Because being without one's Muse is definitely NOT amusing.

I love that amuse pun of yours.

But man, you've been blogging for years. If you occasionally get the bloggles, that's OK. I've had my blog since February and this week I hit a brick wall! I'm one month old and I've already experienced the bloggles. Now that is cause for concern!
BTW, how is the Easter bird nest materials competition coming along. Anybody streaking into an early lead?
Thank you, Sam.
Spring has finally arrived here in the south. Birds are now beginning to take the nesting materials we hung on the tree.
The competition hots up!
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