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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Flowers for m'lady...

I've learned that flowers for saying "Sorry" or "I love you" or "Thanks" are always well received.
Except if they come from the garage as you fill the car with petrol.
I don't know why. Flowers HAVE to come from a proper flower shop or stall.

Or a garden?
Ok, a garden is a given.
But, here you see, more tricky waters. Are free flowers worth any brownie points in the examples I gave ?
See, I just don't know what women from Venus think about *free* flowers. ;)

I didn't (necessarily) mean nick 'em. Just that they must come from a 'garden' in the first place?
Completely right, flowesr should never ever come froma forecourt, unless you are trying to say goodbye.
flowers even
I'm happy with Tesco flowers. I'm not fussy.
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