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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Linda Smith - R.I.P.

Linda Smith, comedian, writer, broadcaster and humanist has died of ovarian cancer aged 48.
Linda was well known on the comedy circuit before turning to radio (Just a Minute, News Quiz) and many TV appearances on topical or current affairs programmes like Have I Got News For You, et al.
Click here to read the Guardian obituary ...
Linda Smith, 1958 - 2006. will be sadly missed by her family, friends, colleagues and fans. R.I.P.

That has made me really sad. I loved Linda Smith. I knew of her mainly from hearing her on Radio 4 and God, she was hilarious. I hadn't heard that until i found it on your site. Being in the US means I sometimes miss whole chunks of British news if I get busy here, and can't keep up with both US and UK stuff for a bit. I missed this news. I'll miss her.
Thanks for your comments, Sam.
I've lived in various countries too and missed the UK topical news of the day.

My Brother lives in Chicago and has similar probs in keeping up with British news that is relevant to him.
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