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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Very realistic text to speech applet.

Here's an interesting snippet of webby amusement. An online text-to-speech converter.
Click this link... and type in a few words, select the language and avatar; to try out a very realistic text to speech applet.

Thanks to www.digg.com for the link.

That's a cool link Luke. Maybe that's what I'll start calling you. Cool-Link-Luke. Shoot 'em cowboy!
Thanks for dropping by, Sam.
Did you notice Luke that the lady follows the pointer as one moves it around the page! She would “not” look up or “go cross eyed” when the pointer was placed on her nose though! So I must say I was bitterly disappointed by the lack of fine tuning in the software development. Alan.
Very good point, Alan.
What can the software designer have been thinking! LOL.
wow! she looks like a real human.
http://wordtosound.com — Free online tool to covert any text in english to audio. Download the audio directly as mp3 or wav. Controls limited. volume can be controlled but voice croaks at higher volumes. better quality in the wav format , though larger file size. Accent is british. Based on Unix Festival.
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