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Monday, March 13, 2006

You are not obliged to say (er, covertly record) anything.....

a.k.a. The Secretive Policeman's Ball 's Up.
Well. Sir Ian Blair has been caught with his trousers down again, metaphorically speaking.

This time, Sir Ian Blair, the Chief PC has been found employing the un PC act of ... covertly tape-recording phone calls... to his boss at the Police Authority, the Solicitor General and even the IPCC who are investigating him over the command and control issues relating to shooting ...Jean Charles de Menezes.
At least this Blair ( not Tony Blair, of course ) has given a personal apology, but only to keep his job, methinks.

So now, before taking a telephone call from anyone like Sir Ian Blair, one should presumably caution them first. Along the lines of...
"You do not have to record anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned, something recorded, which you later rely on in court. Anything you do record may not be given in evidence."
You saw it here first.
The modified police caution to be given when being telephoned BY the police.

But will they also tell you that if you can't afford a tape-recorder, you will get a court appointed tape-recorder.

I think I think I feel old now because my first impulse was to type 'tape-recorder' and not 'CD burner'. Off for some cocoa, a Gypsy Cream and to worship at my shrines to Alan Titchmarsh and envying his fawn cardigan collection.

Have riposted your riposte over at PCB!
Very good. Hope I never need a court appointed tape-recorder.
Alan Titchmarsh, eh ?
He's a polyglot gardener now, you know. He digs, writes books, broadcasts on TV as well as steam radio. He even had a chat show at one point I vaguely recall.
Don't think he podcasts yet. ;)
A man was driving along in his truck when he collided with a deer.

Killed the poor thing outright.

So he hoisted it onto the back of the truck and delivered it to his local butcher, who gave him a nice slab of the meat by way of thankyou.

Serving it up later to his kids - and because they'd never eaten it before - he asked them to guess what meat it was.

When they eventually gave in, he said "Ok, I'll give you a clue - it's what Mummy sometimes calls Daddy."

"Don't touch it" yelled one of the kids "it's a fcuking ar5ehole!"
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