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Friday, July 07, 2006

7/7. R.I.P.

For all those Lost Souls.
May you Rest In Peace on this sad day of Remembrance.

We will mourn you through all our tomorrows.
Until Peace begins within us.

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I was at a meeting with a dozen others on Friday and foewarned 'em I'd be 'going outside for a couple of minutes at noon.'

Apparently, while the others remained at the table as silent as Trappist monks, the MD of the company was asking if anyone wanted more coffee, "Shall I get sandwiches in or are we going to eat out?" etc. while the others all glowered grimacingly at him.

I don't think I'll ever forget the weird atmosphere of 7/7/05. Being locked in the building in case the bombs were 'dirty'. Watching fleets of ambulances silently rolling through the City's streets.
Crossing London Bridge with a distraught colleague. Getting on a train to escape, only to be told i had to go back into the station to get another one, knowing all the time that I could be walking back into another assault.

Yes, a weird day.
I wrote a rambling reply, Mr. D. but fortunately blogger swallowed it up and lost it. ;)
7/7 has strange poignant memories for many of us and time doesn't really heal such awful experiences.
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