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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pink for October

I didn't know about the "Go Pink for October" campaign until reading about it here on Pix's site

Like a prat, I made a flippant comment about shades of pink on her site before following the link to the Pink for October site.
Do go and visit the site.  The stories are both humbling and poignant.

Unlike some people, I have the luxury of time to learn from my mistakes.
Note to Self:  Look once, look twice, then post comments afterwards!

Mea Culpa.  PDQ.

Ooh, must have a tinker when I get home...
tinker..tinker...it's a good campaign.
Jeez, who'd have a *pink* site?!
Thanks for visiting my site. I dropped in here and was enjoying your entries and then I came to the entry about the Pink for October site. That's an especially moving entry as I'm a breast cancer survivor. Thanks for writing about it.
Thanks, T. I really appreciated your stories on your own blog.
Keep up the good work.
Whilst I am somewhat on hiatus here on my blog, I still enjoy reading other blogs until my own inspiration returns.
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