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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

R.I.P. Chris Lightfoot 1978 - 2007

Well, blog. It's true I've been neglecting you for a while.
And this really isn't the post I want to be making today. But......

Today, I heard the sad news that Chris Lightfoot passed away unexpectedly on 11th. Feb. 2007. I can't believe that such a bright star in the blogosphere has suddenly ebbed and disappeared.

I didn't know Chris personally; yet through his sterling work on blogs such as mySociety and at NO2ID I came to appreciate the serious and ethical side of this talented Developer and programmer.

Chris's own blog gives a glimpse of his humour, whimsy and code-writing skills too. This is such a loss to his family, friends and the many web campaigns he helped to fuel and sustain with his energy, vision and sheer insight into the digital citizen and citizen rights.

One of the many tributes to Chris is here on his own team blog

This is yet another untimely death (three in three months) of a key blogger cut down at the top of their powers.

Chris's inspirational vision and memory will live on.... as will our memories of his fine work.
R.I.P. Chris Lightfoot 1978 - 2007.

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